Redact for Enterprise

Give your users control over their data in a way that has never before been possible. Build confidence that your business is handling sensitive data securely, and protect your brand and clients from data breaches.

With Redact, websites provide placeholders where secure data should be, and the user’s computer fills in the blank in an opaque way. Ownership and control of personal data shifts back to the individual, allowing them to store and view their data and explicitly grant access to only those they wish to share it with. The self-storage system is paired with a public-key infrastructure (PKI), the combination of which allows users to turn data into a well-protected personal asset. By using the Redact framework, application code is no longer able to see or decrypt user data, resolving complex issues of personal data protection and compliance.

Redact for Federally Regulated Data Portals

By integrating your online portal with Redact, doctors can share medical records with patients, or teachers can share reports with students, without the portal provider needing to maintain decryption keys or the encrypted data itself. By storing encrypted data in personal databases, users can monitor access and trust that their data is protected from a breach. Redact provides a platform for companies to create websites which interact with this data while having no responsibility to store or protect it. This increases user confidence, and provides companies with an easy path to regulation compliance at a lower cost than an in-house solution.

Redact for End-to-End Encryption services.

Redact provides an all-in-one solution for both users and providers of end-to-end encrypted services that solves the dual problems of endpoint security and secure storage at rest. The Redact system allows encrypted messaging providers to display encrypted messages to their users without requiring access to the decryption keys or the decrypted data itself, removing the need to trust the user endpoints where encrypted messages are displayed. Simultaneously, this encrypted data is stored in an encrypted form on a remote, highly-available storage system wholly owned and controlled by the user rather than locally on the endpoint storage. The data is just-in-time decrypted upon request, reducing the attack surface of decrypted data to short-lived local memory and improving security at rest. Redact supports displaying, creating, and editing secure data.